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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. If construction technology advances draw your interest, read on about construction exoskeletons, augmented reality, 3D printing, drones, smart grids, and more.
How Construction Robots Will Change The Industry in 2020

Construction robots are replacing different jobs in the industry, but only to improve the work, not replace workers.

The Anatomy of a Smart City in 2020

To become more sustainable, efficient, and liveable, cities need to become smarter. Here are the smart innovations revolutionizing cities around the world.

Construction Technology to Watch in 2020

Construction technology advancements are changing the face of the industry as well as our physical world. Here are 17 of the most exciting advancements to watch.

15 Surprisingly Hackable Things in Your Daily Life

IoT has made it possible for hackers to attack things like cranes, coffee pots, office printers and more. We cover 15 of the wildest things hackers can use to invade your daily life.

How Construction Exoskeletons Work: An Animated Guide

Our animated guide to construction exoskeletons explains how this technology works and how it benefits the industry.

Augmented Reality in Construction: 6 Applications in 2019

Augmented reality in construction creates an immersive experience that can streamline the entire process. We cover the biggest applications of AR in 2019.

3D Printed Homes: Everything You Need to Know

3D printed homes are opening a new frontier in housing. We cover how they are constructed, their costs, and the benefits they can provide for our housing needs.

6 Profitable Ways Drones in Construction Are Changing Projects

Whether used for fleet management or to film at a unique aerial perspective, the possible applications of drones in construction are vast. We cover how they are revolutionizing the industry.

The Robots Are Coming! Autonomous Construction Vehicles

Lately, there’s been an increase in self-driving or autonomous vehicles. As a construction worker, you might wonder how this technology will impact you. You may even worry that robotics will affect your job. Companies such as Google, Tesla, and Uber are finding their way into the driverless vehicle market.

The Real Science of ‘Rick and Morty’. Leveling Methods & Standards

Construction in real life isn’t that accurate, but you can make floors, foundations, and other essential parts of buildings seem like they were made with the “Rick and Morty” True Level method by using the right tools and equipment. Here’s some more information about the most common leveling methods and standards.

How to Enhance a Small Business through Technology

You have started a small business and need to enhance your marketing efforts to the masses to be successful. Yes, you can be successful with advertising, flyers and networking around town but creating an online presence could very well mean the difference between success and big fame and fortune.

The Advantages Of A Computerized Payroll System

Traditionally, most employee work hours have been kept on time cards or sheets that would have to be filled out for each day worked, and then turned in at the end of the week to the HR department or bookkeepers. But this job has been made easier because of payroll software that can be used to record work times, and store them in a database for easy access.

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